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The Château de Nalys certified HVE

The Château de Nalys certified HVE

Since December 2019, the Château de Nalys has been certified “High Environmental Value”, HEV – level III (the most demanding!). This qualification relating to agricultural practices attests the respect for biodiversity and water management, but above all the preservation of the general ecosystem of the estate.

This certification comes in addition to the commitments made by vineyard’steam whom has already worked in sustainable viticulture for many years and is now converting the property to organic farming.

Respect and development of these exceptional terroirs are at the heart of the requirements of the Guigal Family, aware that the management of the vineyards is key to the production of great wines.

One cannot go without the other: the great (practice) and the good (wine).

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The Château de Nalys certified HVE

Summer mood at Château de Nalys

Summer atmosphere at Château de Nalys, the vines gradually finish their veraison and bloom under the rays of the sun. The Châteauneuf-du-Pape pebbles reflect the warm colors of this beautiful season and the cicadas sing ... Several more days will pass, it will soon be time to think about the harvest to come.
The Château de Nalys certified HVE

The Importers’Day

Recently the Château de Nalys welcomed its importers, retrospective of a beautiful day of exchange around a common passion: the appellation Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
The Château de Nalys certified HVE

Nalys’ Terroirs, Focus on the Bois Sénéchal

The “Bois Sénéchal,” cadastral locality “Bois Sénéseau,” spreads over an area of nearly 20 hectares.