Nalys Museum

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The Espace Muséal de Nalys is an invitation to travel back in time. Cappers, stills, and rammers proudly display themselves at the entrance of the cellar. A few more steps lead to the historic cellar of Château de Nalys where the lightning stretches for nearly fifty meters.
This space is free to access, more information :

Recents posts
The Museum of<br>Nalys

The Importers’Day

Recently the Château de Nalys welcomed its importers, retrospective of a beautiful day of exchange around a common passion: the appellation Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
The Museum of<br>Nalys

Nalys’ Terroirs, Focus on the Bois Sénéchal

The “Bois Sénéchal,” cadastral locality “Bois Sénéseau,” spreads over an area of nearly 20 hectares.
The Museum of<br>Nalys


In the heart of winter, the Château de Nalys team takes advantage of the vegetative rest of the vines to cut short.